Monday, October 23, 2006

Class years needed for these alumni

The class year for the Madison Central alumni listed below was not provided in the obituary. All the obituaries are from 2006. For each name, I've indicated birth and death dates, if available. In some instances, the obituary had the age and date of death (DOD), but not the birthdate.

It will help with indexing and searching if this information can be added. If you can provide the class year, please e-mail me or leave a comment with this information.

Ellen L. (Eggenberger) Beaulieau (DOD: 2/4/2006 - age 81)
Anthony Scalissi, Sr. (2/3/1918 - 2/10/2006)
John David "Dave" Thurman (10/27/1934-2/9/2006)
Sonja A. White (DOD: 2/7/2006 - age 57)
Darlene E. (Johnston) Arndt (4/3/1930-2/27/2006)
Doris (Skaar) Archie (9/14/1936-3/21/2006)
Edsel F. Kingsley (6/15/1920-3/30/2006)
Thomas J. Masino (1/7/1950-4/27/2006)
Phyllis Ann (Thompson) Daleo (DOD 5/5/2006 -age 78)
Gretchen L. (Glunz) Callaway (2/7/1917-5/14/2006)
James F. Ninedorf (12/18/1927-3/31/2006)
Philip R. Ellis (7/9/1920-6/10/2006)
Jay R. Morey (6/2/1929-2/7/2006)
James Francis Balthazor (6/26/1919-6/20/2006)
Milton M. Lemke (6/10/1925-8/1/2006)
Chris P. Josheff (5/16/1924-9/27/2006)
Laurene W. (Helleckson) Meyer (11/18/1916-9/27/2006)
John J. "Jack" Fasel (7/26/1949-10/2/2006)

I have not provided links to all these obituaries because creating links is a very time-consuming process. If you want to locate the complete obituary, try either (1) using the Google search tool in the right hand column, or (2) use the archives list to go to a specific month.

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Jan Aulik (Meyer) said...

Laurene W. Meyer graduated January 1934