Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Progress Report

There are now more than 150 obituaries in this archive. Thus far, I have only posted obituaries that specifically state someone attended Central High School (or, in a few instances, Madison High School, the school's name prior the opening of a second high school in the city). If you have information about a Central alumnus who died between January 2003 and December 2005, but whose obituary is not included in this archive, please send me an email, so I may include them.

If you have obituaries for people who attended Madison Central High School (or Madison High School) and who died before 2003, please contact me by email, so I may make arrangements to post this information.

Although I haven't been able to solve the problem of how to create links to all the obituaries in this archive, it should be fully searchable by name, and, in some instances, by class. While many obituaries do indicate a graduation year, some do not. If you are able to provide that information for anyone in this archive, again, please contact me by email.

For additional information about how to search this blog, please read the previous post titled "Searching for Someone?"

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